Providing education and economic opportunities
for people in need.

Charming The World ™ supports education initiatives for children who have been marginalized by deep poverty. We provide documentation that increases awareness and aids crucial fundraising efforts. We facilitate craft design to support economic development and help them find viable trade partners. We trouble shoot key areas that provide systemic positive change. We work together with those in need to find viable long term solutions. Charms and books about the projects are available to purchase with all profits going to the projects. 


Empowering girls empowers communities to succeed.

Empowering girls in particular with the tools they need to succeed empowers communities to succeed. We focus our raised funds on girls education, as this can have the largest long term benefit. High female literacy rates have shown improved community health, reduction in unwanted pregnancy and infant death, lower poverty, population, and crime rates.  Economic health tracks that of women's education.

Daisy Carlson




charms that charm

“Climate change and poverty are increasingly interconnected.
We can end hunger in our lifetime by converting the trillions of dollars of carbon in the atmosphere into sustainable development.  In the mean time I will try to help communities one charm at a time.

a word from the founder

  • Girls Education
  • Sourcing fair trade crafts
  • Economic development
  • Photography and publishing
  • Case evaluations and planning

Charms that Charm made by and for communities in need.

Girls in Particular